Jamie Watling

Internationally Published Cover Photographer

Fitness | Lifestyle | Glamour | Commercial | Products

Jamie Watling

Internationally Published Cover Photographer

Fitness | Lifestyle | Glamour | Commercial | Products



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Jamie Watling Photography


          is an Internationally Published Photography service that has been operating for 10+ years. 

           We shoot Fitness, Commercial, MMA, Glamour and Products. We aim to provide our clients with the Highest Quality Imagery, excellent brand exposure, a laughter filled shoot experience and many great opportunities. We take pride in our efforts of going above and beyond for our clients by going to bat directly for them when asked of us to see what  we can do with the photos afterwards. 

           We love surprising our clients with outcomes and have countless success stories which has always been great for a fun laugh, shared happy moments, and unforgettable experiences.  We try to show our clients how much we value them by putting in extra effort pushing them towards opportunities. Having  extensive knowledge in the print industry  has lead to publications in dozens of mainstream magazines worldwide for many years from Maxim to Women's Health & Fitness,  and much much more. 

             We have been fortunate to have been apart of many amazing teams , just to name a few:

- Head Photographer for a National Edition of Maxim and contributor to other's around the world
- Official Womens's Health & Fitness Cover and Insert Photographer
- Official Ironman Cover and Insert Photographer 

Among many others. 

          We are happy to have provided successful support for our clients long after their shoots with us and are proud to say we have landed Big Covers and features for numerous  people regardless of their experience,  many times for people who had only had 1 or 2 shoots previously and many times when we were actually their first ever shoots!  We have helped clients obtain awesome sought after credits including becoming appointed  Fitness Experts in major magazines which is always a huge accomplishment.  

            We have a track record for often landing clients anywhere from 1 to 5 features from one good size shoot, 

so if having goals of potential outcomes,  consider something that gives us a good amount of sets to push. 

             If you or your company are looking for quality content and / or great opportunities, look no further

and inquire within.

            To those of you who know,  my Father passed away from Cancer ( and other factors as well that are very upsetting )      in Dec 2017. I was working on this site  earlier in the year but then stopped due to his diagnosis in early 2017.  I promised him I would continue on working hard for my clients as my Dad loved hearing me tell him how my clients reacted or letting him see a few of their posts telling stories of how I surprised them with big news! I love you Dad. 

2018 was very mentally rough with his passing but I am powering through.  Again I want to thank all of you who reached out to me with kind words, emotional support and phone calls. Still means  a lot <3 

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